Stepping back from the geyser and finding flow

What geyser?

The stream of ads and messages, and comparison-intended-to-get-you-to-feel-bad-and-buy-stuff, and shouting and violently-edited sports ads, and un-nuanced stories and snippets that make your heart sink or race.

That’s not life. That’s algorithm and disruption and big players getting unnecessarily bigger.

We’re not just consumers. [I read this Kate Haworth book Doughnut Economics. (Yah, I totally read an economics book. Who am I?) Thank you Kate for making the content so accessible! Dear reader, LMK if you read it, ok? Ms Raworth also has an excellent TED talk or two.]

We’re makers and talkers and feelers, players and swimmers and checkers of mailboxes.

We’re dancers and gardeners and sleepers and laughers.

We’re joyous and melancholy and distracted by babies and small birds.

We’re walkers and twirlers.

We’re resters. I can’t wait to read this book >>> Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey. [I have read: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – soooo goooood. ]

We’re cookers, bakers, readers, doers of puzzles.

We’re patters of kitties and walkers of hounds.

We’re climbers of steps and wonderers at sunsets.

We think. We feel. We understand. We empathise.

We tell our own stories. We hear each other. We are us.

I am loving not being on social media!

I’m LOVING not having my days eaten up and miserably spat out from scrolling my precious moments away on the socials!

I’m barely on the socials. When I am, I quickly catch comparisonitis and struggle to stop scrolling. Sad but true, and my reason for backing right off. [Stolen Focus by Johann Hari is eye-opening, excellent. I may’ve mentioned it a couple of times!]

I’ve unsubbed from netflix.

I’m still unsubscribing from various emails.

And, I’ve signed up for a few different ones that nourish my heart. I’d love if my artist eNewsletter could be that for you :)

I’d rather look at my books or make something, find a friend for a phone conversation or take a photo or a walk.

I went to a concert for the first time in many years – certainly since covid isolation times … It was loud and late and funny and I was tired but happy and I was with humans and they were smart and delightful and musical.

I’m making stuff

If you want to get one or three [make a statement in a row over the sideboard!] of my paintings, check out my paintings and prints webpage or drop into my most central gallery Fleurieu Arthouse at McLaren Vale, or my most southern gallery Artworx Gallery at Goolwa, or for the latest-latest-latest peeks (the paint is only just dry) sign up for my eNewsletter, [Tangerine Juice] … I’m evolving the newsletter a little bit and am now including what I’m reading and listening to, to give an extra glimpse behind the scenes. (You also get sweet free downloads and a birthday email.)

Take care of your precious self!
Speak soon,
Meg :)



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