That’s not me! When not ‘recognising myself’ was a positive moment

I hope you are well, dear reader :)

How could ‘not’ recognising myself online be a good sign?

A couple of days before drafting this, I was watching YouTube or online TV, and an image of a woman’s face came up in an ad or as a preview or something… Some of her attributes were similar to mine (dark hair, fair skin…) and I guess I was supposed to recognise myself and want to buy or watch something …

My head-chatter said “… that’s not me”.

Note which way around that was… previously I would’ve gone right to “I’m not that” (then silently >>) “… and-I-am-therefore-defective-and-not-enough-and-need-to-buy-something…”!

Hello there, recognising that inner narrator’s voice! That difference sounds slight and felt huge!
Instead of judging myself against a random stranger’s image on-line (and falling into associated shame and marketing hooks) and finding myself less than, I saw a person-not-me, and didn’t need to engage. So not I’m Not Them, but They’re Not Me.
Am I actually getting of a boundary, a sense of self? Am I getting more familiar with who I actually am, by barely engaging online, ‘specially with socials? It looks like maybe so… Happy am I. That feels like progress.

How dare Liz choose to live by feeling?

Here’s a podcast when Liz Gilbert is interviewed and states quite openly that her mind can’t always be trusted and she lives by feel. Go her! I aspire to that!

Hoorah for SALA!

2022 SALA is long over now, in fact it’s time for artists to register for 2023. [I started writing this months ago, and only now finished it.] I’m thankful to have sold 6 of the 14 paintings I had in various galleries. For the record, 10 were in my solo exhibit at Mockingbird Lounge, and 2 originals were in group exhibitions at Artworx Gallery (Goolwa) and Fleurieu Arthouse (McLaren Vale, SA…).

I hope you’re well!
‘Speak’ soon,
Meg x o

PS There are still 2023 Calendars awaiting good homes. Go here and check them out! At this stage of the year I’ll send you 2 for the price of one.

PS2 Stay tuned. New paintings are coming soon – once I do some scanning – and I’ve a question for you about the next round (already!) of calendars.

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