A big call, and calendars in the pipeline

Hey, wonderful human :)
I hope this finds you well.
Thanks for your patience while I play with writing and pausing… experimenting to get a sense of my New Right Amount of blog posts!

Let’s decide together for the better!

Here’s a link to a short sweet video for the YES vote at the October 14 Australian referendum. The option YES may not be practically-perfect-in-every-way (like Mary Poppins), but sounds like a way forwards in the reality of these times. The persons who put together the Uluru Statement from the Heart have shown graciousness and patience. Here’s a link to Osher Gunsberg’s podcast when he talks about the referendum – and talking to people about the referendum – in more detail.

2024 Art Calendars!

Thank you everyone who’s asked when my 2024 art calendars are going to be available! I much appreciate your queries.

A: I’m aiming for a September (October?) release for the 2024 Calendars. There’ll be one type (not several themes) with a collection of kitty pictures, still lifes and encouraging quotes.

Stay tuned, dear one! Join my mailing list if you like, to be sure you get first notice when the new calendar webpage is ready, along with the member’s 10% off code. [This time, I’m not going to print so many – indeed I hope to run out!]

How did this happen?

Sometimes I get myself a bit riled up when I consider: how has marketing basically got us thinking that living itself is to be ‘fixed’, simply by changing the term ‘living’ to ‘ageing’… It makes no sense upon closer inspection, does it? How did we get sucked in to that?

I’m appreciating:

Not being on social media!

The weather warming up, readying for Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere!

And many thanks to YOU, for reading this!


Love and peace, and take care of yourself!
(And, hold steady – calendars will be headed into the light soon!)
Meg x o


PS I needed a rest this year from doing a full solo SALA exhibition, although I have a couple of new pictures at both Fleurieu Arthouse and Artworx at Goolwa in group exhibits.

PS2 Adelaide bold souls: have you been to see Frida? She (Frida Kahlo) and Diego (Riviera her twice husband) and friends and associates who were around are in a travelling exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia entitled Love and Revolution until September 17. Swoooon …

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