Plenty Calendars 2023

I’m starting to think my Calendars Aren’t Just Calendars… they’re more like a series of heartfelt reminders, transmitted via my art and thoughtful quotes, from PastMe to FutureUsses … a printed time device to resonate with our hearts.

There’s an artwork example on the cover – the Plenty calendar is a collection of my vibrant still lifes. (That’s spelled correctly by the way, there’s no ‘v’ in Still Lifes…)

Cover image of Tangerine Meg Plenty (Still Life) Calendar 2023

My artworks are vignettes of gratitude – gratitude for colour, for simple pleasures like a handful of garden flowers, for the juiciness of a ripening pear – I often paint pears! – and gratitude for happily clashing patterns… They seem to be signs of abundance to me! I exhibit & sell the original paintings, too, and for about 10 years I’ve also been creating these artist calendars…

Here’s one of the timely human messages, from the June page:

snapshot of martin luther king quote on calendar pageClick this to watch the video of me introducing the 2023 calendars.

I’ll try to embed the video here, but it’s possible the tech might not work, so that’s the link if you want to copy/paste it and watch my calendar-introducing awkwardness, before I had my latest haircut!

To order one of the 2023 Plenty calendars for yourself – or a friend with a January birthday! – click this or the cover above … there are a couple of dozen left at this time of this writing, and we’re only days into 2023 so there’s plenty (<<< see what I did there?) of time to get a lot of joy from it!

My pace of blogging has really slowed. I’m ok with that if you are. The thing I try to make sure I do, if I run out of energy, will be the eNewsletter … sign up as a subscriber to receive [Tangerine Juice] eLetters from the heart of my studio direct to your inbox.

‘Speak’ soon,
Meg :)



PS All 3 (three) calendar themes are here.

Don’t need the details, click this if you just want a Cat calendar.

Rainbows & Connections (Quote) calendars are here.













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