Pictures 98-102 of my 100 Pictures Project

As you can see from the title of this blog post there was a numbering [or naming?] issue with my #100Pictures Project! It’s an approximately 100 Pictures Project in the end… I went a bit over & I also inadvertently skipped one. 101 is ‘good enough’ [… incidentally a concept I’m only recently applying to humaning and daily life but more on that another time perhaps!]

Part of me has been holding off completing this wrap up post … because then what will I even doooooo? However, here we are! Let’s finalise the recording of the artworks and trust that what happens next will be ok, too… Very likely something to look forward to, right?

Here are the rest of the paintings! Ta-daaaa ….

98: King Protea

This is for my friend, L, who adores the architectural-ness of King Proteas, with their grand flowers and poise. [Does seeing them holding their head high on their stems encourage you to sit up a little straighter as it does with me?]

In this picture, the soft radiance of the bloom is anchored by rhythmic symbol patterning in the background, that reads almost as a lattice.

Along with the freshness of the unexpected colour combination of pink, leafy green and buttery yellow, this painting has poise of its own … It would be a happy picture for a lobby, office or waiting room.
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99: Pear, Posy and Paisley

This one would have fitted right in with the Pear Shaped exhibition ;)

The lit up nasturtium petals are supported by cut glass reflections/refractions, a pear (natch!), and paisley and other patterns…

This mini landscape (table scape?) is a wandering adventure for the eyes, suited for a well lit hallway or beside the stairs.

Click this to go to the prints and paintings page of my website to make it your own!


100: Still Life with Gooseberries

This painting was in my Pear-Shaped 2022 SALA exhibition and is in a white timber frame, available and ready to hang on your wall.

This collection of home-grown cape gooseberries, still in their papery lanterns, is arranged on a vintage salad china plate of green and red, snuggled amongst more paisley, and backed by a quilt design of my imagination.

There is NO FLUORO-ness of the colours in the actual painting. I don’t know why jpegs sometimes go fluoro! To imagine the real thing, mentally mute that acidic colour pop! It’s a vibrant picture in its own right, but not fluorescent.

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101: Sunflowers and Frangipanis from Helen

This original watercolour – available now! – is in the 2023 Plenty Calendar and was well-loved in my Pear-Shaped Exhibition.

This sunny artwork with sunflowers and frangipanis, includes my signature fascination with glass reflections & refractions, and a sweet, very ripe pear popping in to say hi.

This cheery welcoming picture [hello!] is already framed with a white timber frame and would go well in a dining room, lobby, hall or office. Or, where would you hang it?

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102: Ripe Pears and Blues – SOLD

The original of this painting was in the aforementioned exhibition, and was/is sold – to a member of my [Tangerine Juice] eNews tribe, who snapped it up when she saw the preview in the eNewsletter. When she saw it in person, she messaged me:

“I picked up the picture last Friday and have now found the perfect spot! It is more stunning in real life than I imagined –  and is also in the calendar.”
~ Jenny E, Fleurieu Peninsula

If you adore this one too, there are fine art prints and, as noted, it features in the 2023 Plenty Calendar.


If you purchase one of the exhibition paintings, the offer still holds that you also receive a calendar as an extra bonus (subject to availability). Thank You! If calendars aren’t your kind of thing, you can use it for a gift, or drop me a note saying you don’t need it!

Thanks for being here!

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Wishing you all of the well. Speak soon,
Meg :)


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