Pictures 91 – 97 of my 100 Pictures Project

Hellooooo, lovelies!

Oh my gosh, so much on the homeward stretch – this is the penultimate post about my #100PicturesProject …

Currently my 2022 SALA exhibition is on show, once more at the wonderful Mockingbird Lounge bookshop, which has also gifts & is a cafe. The stories in my art are surrounded by stories in books :) There’s so much goodness there to see/read/take home!

Meanwhile, here are the next pictures in my long-term #100PicturesProject:

91: Soft (Humphrey) – SOLD

This sweet Selkirk Rex (Humphrey’s cat breed) is a cat portrait I finished last year, one of the last when I was still offering such services. This prized kitty goes into cat shows, and is a very loved cat at home, where he is amongst loving cat people and other beloved felines.

The actual picture is in one of the office (chambers?) welcome rooms of the lawyer who commissioned it.

92: Generous (Winter Nasturtiums) – SOLD

A description for Mother Nature’s abundance: ‘generous’… right?

I cleared the walking path of vigorous nasturtium runners, and was gifted with this posy of delight! I adore them with the deep blue behind the flowers and green foliage. And the spotty china is super fun…

93: Nasturtiums and Checks

This was done at a similar time to the above, perhaps why there’s quite a lot of blue in the background here, too.

A sweet thrifted shirt/blouse was muse for the fabric, with two different checks underlying the reflect-y/refract-y aqua glass in the foreground, along with more of Mother Nature’s zestful glory … the background is more of lattice type pattern to make sure we have quite.enough.checks.

An abundant light and colour-filled piece – for a kitchen perhaps?

94: Oops!

I don’t seem to have given the number 94 to a picture! Which is ok, because I inadvertently went up to number 102, on the tail end of this, so I still made it to at least 100 actual pictures.



In memoriam.

96: Rainbow Boots, Recycling and Favourite Vase

An arrangement of everyday objects!

The monolithic white bottle holds a whole bunch of plastic lids headed for the recycle bin – the bread tags go in too – so that they don’t fall down the cracks of the recycling machines and get stuck in the works.

I’m still loving on this vase; this picture gives a hint of its relatively small stature.

The boots! A neighbour was headed to the rubbish bin with them – they had become somewhat smelly was their reason – and I side-tracked them to include in this picture.

97: Nasturtiums in Jars

Glory be: more nasturtiums! This time with uncommon (where I am) blossoms of pale yellow and some soft oranges and reds … They’re held by a yellow glass jar and a jam jar, and arranged as a sweet still life.

Any room would be uplifted with this sweet piece, bedroom, hallway, eating area…







By the way, if you’re in Adelaide, South Australia and you like my art:

Visit my Pear Shaped exhibition at Mockingbird Lounge, 68 Broadway, Glenelg South; it’s on every day until the end of August, 10am – 4pm.

There are 2023 Bold Art Calendars available at the exhibition too, the Plenty (Food and Flowers) themed one somewhat-but-not-entirely matches the exhibition paintings, or available here from my website, or at my stockists.
Cards can be found here at my website, or at my other stockists or at the exhibition (and beyond at the same place).
Maybe there will be art lessons scheduled in Spring – keep your eye on my [Tangerine Juice] eNewsletter for info on that, or Contact Me and request to get an email when I send word to the current students.

There’s a good chance that when I have a minute to sit (or walk) and think and dream a bit, I’ll start another stupidly big art project. Hahahahaha :D Stay tuned!

Next time: there’s one more batch of 101 Pictures Project artworks to show you :)

Take care!
Speak soon,
Meg :)


PS Look, I got press for my SALA exhibition!


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