Colour schemes in progress

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you had a great weekend.
Yey! I got some painting done on the 2 Joy prints I am working on. Nothing resolved yet, but progress made! RainGirl looks like having a pale washy grey sky (that doesn’t sound like me does it?), and really bright clothes (that does though).
For the background of the joyous girl (in the non-rectangular border, uploaded on Valentine’s Day) I tried the special anniversary “Smalt” Blue (mentioned back on January 17); it goes on nicely and dries a bit purply.
I got a new (prickly) Youngberry cane planted today, in a break from doing inside things. It has a good spot on the dripper line, and I hope it will like being near the raspberries (which are sprouting happily) and the fence (which is sprouting hardly at all). Would like to get some blackberry canes, and boysenberries! Keeping slowly aiming towards a year of fruit (that includes yummy colourful berries. Yey!).
Have fun.

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