Meg to mention weather when relevant now

Hey DearHearts!

I need to modify a promise I made to you about talking about the weather! I said I wouldn’t talk at all about it unless it got extreme again. It seems that if I totally avoid the topic I have cut off that way to set the scene simply. I started to get bogged down not knowing at all what to write to you, how to start etc.
So I would like to change it to: I will not to whinge in an extended way about the weather, unless it becomes extreme.

Here goes! Yesterday I went for about a 5k run (3.1 mile) run (jog?) in rain so fine it was barely more than a mist. It was like that most of the time and I didn’t really get very wet. It was an interesting experience.
I am finding my jogs easier as I get stronger with circus training. In class I am even starting to learn to do beginners chin-ups!

I got to do some lino print design on Tuesday. Hooray! I had become a little disheartened, thinking I had no knack for it anymore; now it has dawned on me that any work I have done that I or anyone likes, has had more than one go to get to looking as it does, whether (the other kind (!)) at the design, cutting, printing, paper choice or colour choice stage.
So am progressing bearing in mind that it is a process of fine-tuning and time, patience and re-working. Then absolutely POUNCING on it when it works and going with it!

Keep well. Thanks for reading,

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