3 cheery things

Howdy Georgeouses,

I’m excited to be able to tell you 3 cool (& cheery) things today. (And I have for the first time used the formatting available in WordPress to give you (tadah!) numbered bullet points). Here goes:

  1. Firstly a link to the YouTube video of the “From Little Things Big Things Grow” song. The reconciliation song has entered the Aussie music charts up high, which is wonderful. Also you can still buy the song if you want! And here’s another article about the song.
  2. A friend has told me about a fantastic radio show, called etown (music, ideas, community). It’s played on 100 radio stations in the US, or you can download it from wherever you are as a podcast. I have listened to a couple of shows and loved it so far. Intelligent, genuine and kind, and wonderful live music.
  3. My other news (for which I don’t have a link, unless you want a link to an Apple store) is that I got a new iPod Shuffle (new generation) that holds TWO GIG!!! (Which is a lot of songs, and will more than do for even the longest of my walks and runs (jogs)).
    It cost $A82 (US$77) which is around half the price of my previous one, and 8 times the storage, and about half the size physically. The bestest best things are that it’s like a dear little peg and it’s PURPLE. Sorry lovely readers, I am making a great effort not to shout at you (capitalize) too much with excitement!!! (Maybe just tons of exclamation marks!!!)

So I download etown and listen on my new purple iPod. Sigh! I feel so much like myself.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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