Wings of Lino

Hello my happy readers!
Hope you have had (or are in the process of having) a lovely weekend.

I forgot to let you know that I am carving a lino block (matrix!) of kind of an Autumn Fairy. She is from an old thumbnail sketch in my Visual Diary that I recorded some time ago, possibly years. She is flying around low to the crocusses, and leaves of various shapes are being blown around near her. I had actually started carving the lino, and now notice that the wing shape doesn’t support the flowing lines of the design. I am going to carve no more. I’ll either get a new big piece of lino and just trace the design with changed wings, or else I will use an elongated shaped piece (like RainGirl but maybe sideways), and change the design significantly to fit. But the wings must be changed!

Have been really enjoying listening to podcasts of etown radio. (You clever techy people know what podcasts are, right?)

I am just about to fill in my application for the Moving Image section of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival. Very exciting!

Tons of good wishes your way,

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