Ducks, Art cards, bokashi (that's more of a tag list than a title!)

Hi guys! Hope you have had a good weekend.

The ducks at the “duck park” have been looking so content lately, with plenty of water in the ponds to keep them happy. And the gardens are getting green and recovering from our heat wave/drought. There’s a lot of talk and time and money going into rainwater tanks around here, though.

This weekend I have been to “Officeworks” to the Print department, and got colour photocopies of some of my prints and paintings to make cards. They colour (my main criteria) is very bright and clear, and they came up well, small, on shiny paper. I also bought nice plain white and green card, and some colourful (relatively expensive) envelopes. My next task is to get some spray glue and cellophane bags. Hope to take the cards up to LiveTown event next week.
Oh, and I also found a simple A3 display folder, which should be big enough for most of my print paper sizes (not Joy Dancing Within, but she is on oversized paper), so they can be viewed and handled but kept clean.

My bokashi compost bin is full. So in 2 weeks it will be ready to dig into the garden. I plan on finding a small-growing, self-pollinating almond variety to plant a month later into that bokashi spot, along with a medium-late variety apricot (you may recall me mentioning back in summer I already have a very early fruiting apricot tree).

The orange tree is fruiting and the loquat tree has flowers. The marjoram is healthy as are the 2 new salvias. I got cross at the cat today, that it wasn’t discouraged by the fine netting that was intended to keep them out of the “freshly dug soil” (that’s cat for “nice new toilet”!). I also saw a small caterpillar on the parsley, and a snail having a go at the strawberries, but basically most things seem well and are growing (despite the cold weather and small pest challenges).

Very excited, doing a stilt-walking class this week and next week at Circus school. Can’t wait, will let you know how it goes!

Take care,

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