Sunshine on a windy, rainy day

Hello bright and fabulous blog readers!

Despite the sunlight, it’s icy-cold and windy (and now rainy) here, great weather to stay inside and blog!

The card idea is coming along nicely. I now have clear cellophane bags, stickers for the back (“ephemera by tangerine meg”) and the cards and envelopes look great (I think) in bright colours. I’ll show you:

That E-junkie system is so straightforward, and so comprehensive and works so well that now I have buttons and a shopping cart to make things easy for anyone. Soon to be uploaded. Will let you know, and give you the link.

I think I will take some cards to LiveTown music event tomorrow night. Hope to see you there Adelaide and Hills readers!

There have been 1,087 hits to this site as of now. Thanks for making that happen.

Take good care of yourselves,

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