Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments of the Week

Greetings dearly beloveds! I hope you have had a beautiful week of life since we last spoke :) Here are some snippets that I got a kick out of, maybe you will too! Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments … Continue reading

Mothers Day Competition 2010

Welcome Wise Friends, Hooray! Mothers Day competition! In celebration of Mothers let’s have a lovely competition! Begin by thinking about the beauty, kindness or boldness of your Mother (or Mother-figure or even Yourself-as-Mother). The Prize A hearty (haha) zipped leather … Continue reading

Live Bold List 11: Bold again, in 2010

Welcome to 2010! ….and New Years Blessings to you! I have been very creative and productive this week! 2 finished print editions (Girl Appreciating Rain and Joy Riding are complete and looking for good homes) as well as a summary … Continue reading