Market preparation not stalling!

Hi there Oh Great Breathing Wonders of the World!

I am excited about my first stall with my new Art Cards next week. Being my first market with this product I am unsure how many to make so am making several hundred and also taking order forms for if I run out. That may of course turn out to be overkill, but better too many than too few I guess!

Amongst all the preparation, I have somehow managed to carve out time (haha) to almost finish carving out the lino block for the Autumn Fairy. I have brilliant new Micador lino tools! High quality, with lovely adult-hand-sized handles and SHARP! A whole lot of physical tension associated with carving lino just disappeared.
The lino block (is she an angel or a fairy? stay tuned..) is almost ready to have a trial print. That’s exciting too. I am quite in the mood to do a Christmas Fairy next, for Christmas ’09 of course!

Incidentally, just bought a diary for next year, which showed me in black and white the extreme likelihood of 2009 being followed by 2010. Wow. Note to self: Don’t look at 2010 forward planning page of diary for a couple of months.

Adelaide readers, I would love to see you at the Goodwood Christmas Market next Saturday, 9am-3pm. Come say “Hi!”

Take care,

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