First tomato

A more-than-annual tomato plant (ie. still alive from last summer) has fruited already, and the first ripened today. I have heard that in my hemisphere we are lucky to get ripe tomatoes in time for Christmas, but I guess that doesn’t count Grandpa plants! (I staked them up off the ground a couple of weeks ago so don’t seem to have any earwig issues; it was warm from the sun and beautifully intact.) Here is a “phone pic” of it:

a new season begins

a new season begins

I have also for lunch (is this getting too bad telling you my lunch? I hope not, it’s in here for the environmental/social statement) a chick pea patty from the local Farmers Market. I was already enamoured with the Farmers Market. Now I am also reading “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver (you can get it at, that’s where I got it), and have been reminded that for every calorie we intake of food, it has taken 10 calories of fossil fuel etc for the transport, packaging, middle persons, etc. So I am trying to buy food locally a little bit more.

Best of all fruits, vegetables and wonder to you,

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