Fruit, the recycling of junk and progress of art

Hello fellow earth dwellers!

In our part of the world we are coming to the tail end of the loquat (first fruit) season, and moving into the berry ripening season. I have a fence-full of beautiful gradually ripening Youngberries. Yum!

Beside the road I picked up someone’s old junk to become our new junk. It’s a strong mesh stapled (strongly) to (strong) stakes. It will be perfect for the raspberries to be affixed to next year when they are bigger, and hopefully weighted down with fruit!

In Art in Progress news I am carving the Autumn Fairy at last! you might remember I had to start over cos the design wasn’t right. I think this second attempt will be much more flowy (suitble for a fairy in a windy season).

Be well,

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