Live people, we are live!

Dear internet friends,

I have just uploaded my ArtCard shop site! Do you wanna see? Do ya? Do ya?

Here is the link (come back after!):

Useful constructive feedback welcome! It’s just new and bound to have the odd typo or whatever. Hopefully nothing huge! I was at a friend’s house earlier, and it seems that its appearance varies on different browsers, but I guess it’s pretty close (the content is the same, just the borders, type sizes and colours don’t hold true).

I got the text written by a professional copywriter: Rebecca Leigh, Freelance Writer (co-incidentally also Australian, although we didn’t meet but communicated, worked and paid via internet). She is very good at what she does, and also easy to work with. (Naomi from Itty Biz recommended her to me).

After setting the site up I admit to laughing like a crazy person when I discovered how to make the little Tangerine Meg flower appear in the address bar! I felt like I had the Internet Secret of the Universe.

So THAT’s what I’ve been doing!

Hope your week has been good,

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