Pay attention to Seth and Naomi, people!

Hey DearHearts!

I am skipping with excitement and completely chuffed, pleased & tickled pink!

My artcards are in Naomi’s IttyBiz gift guide! Thank you Naomi & Jamie Dunford for including me in your cool Gift Guide. Buy from small businesses!

I appreciate Seth Godin saying in his holiday shopping guide: “Buy handmade items from people you like”. My ArtCards are not there as a link on his short link-list (for each word he has a different link – check it out), but I think the concept is spot on, in this strange financial climate. By the way: when he says “don’t buy gift cards” he means those plastic cards that have a dollar-value at a particular shop.

I like the way you both think. I think the financial swirlery is an opportunity to (amongst other things):

  • be more real in any way we can,
  • shop at small businesses,
  • care for each other, and
  • eat well and locally.

That’s just a little list, what else can you think of? Let me know in the comments.
More Seth quoting: Hugs are an underrated substitute.

Keep well,

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