Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments of the Week

Greetings dearly beloveds!

I hope you have had a beautiful week of life since we last spoke :) Here are some snippets that I got a kick out of, maybe you will too!

Live Bold List 17: 6 Favourite Moments of the Week

  1. Proprioception Moment of the Week. I can do a handstand for a micro second. I am getting to know the feeling of being in the right place. While up-side-down, obviously. Freaky, huh? (In truth this was dozens of proprioception moments over several sessions.)
  2. Concert Laugh Moment of the Week. I went to a wonderful concert, by Thirsty Merc. Here’s a song of theirs, called Someday Someday; this is an acoustic style version, the concert was with amplification. Imagine, if you will, the entire crowd singing along perfectly to not only the catchy chorus, but the deliciously insistent wordiness of the verses of this song! Classic.

    It was a brilliant concert. I would go again in a flash. (Also see item 4).
  3. 2 Parcels Arriving Moment of the Week. Mmmm… parcels! My Guerilla Art Kit (a book by Keri Smith) arrived from The Joyful Girls – happeee! Lots of spreading of art and fun shall ensue. (Also see item 5). The other parcel was… new art cards! Hooray! My new artwork has been printed onto greeting cards. (See item 6). It’s always exciting to see how a new picture looks on a card. The same, but different.
  4. Favourite Attitude Comment of the Week: I mentioned to a friend about the Thirsty Merc concert (see item 2). She replied: “OMG! I love that guy! He is so himself!” What better comment could you possible make about anybody. I smiled all day.
  5. First Guerilla Art Act Moment of the Week. (Also see item 3).
  6. Large Amount of Behind the Scenes Work Comes to Fruition Moment of the Week. My Greeting Card page is now up to date. (See item 3). This took a while, but it is done :) Wanna see?

Have a week of being as ‘you’ as you can. Have fun. Talk to me in the comments or on my Facebook page if you want :)
Love Meg x o

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