Free stuff, and introducing some new friends…

Hello meHearties (is it Talk Like a Pirate Day yet or am I dreaming about spicy winter soups?)

Above: Another potential use for Tupperware containers - it's my pallette!

I would love to introduce some additions to my blogroll! Yey, new friends!

Check out Juli Cady Ryan’s art blog, Finding your Inner Butterfly. She showcases her own dreamy illustrative artwork, and also shows work of some of her own favourite artists from various places around the web. Here is a link to Juli’s blog displaying another artist whose work I like, Erika Husselmann.

The Found Art Project blog by Emme. What a beautiful, positive idea: people offer art, quotes, poems and small stories suitable to print onto A4 size paper. We all download and print the artworks, and spread the joy by distributing, guerilla style… on a community pin up board, tucked into a park bench or bus stop seat, in a borrowed book, or somewhere else harmless and unexpected. Here’s a really cool recent Found Art Project post, with lots of numbers in it.

If you go on Facebook, visit the Joyful Girls; I came across them via the Found Art Project. They were doing a give-away together. Did I mention I won a give-away prize? To enter we left comments with Random Acts of Kindness and I won a Guerrilla Art Kit. I will totally tell you about that/show you pictures when it arrives in the mail.

Lisa King is a multi-talented human, to whom I was also introduced through the Joyful Girls. She plays music, is recording her adventures with vegan eating and even has an etsy shop: Sew Lucky.

Fellow cat fanciers… the Simon’s Cat films are animated short films that perfectly capture feline wiles and manners. Thanks Desba for the name, it enabled me to source this. :) This is part of the introduction from the British Comic Show, where the creator will be a guest speaker:

Simon’s Cat is an animated cartoon series created by English animator Simon Tofield. Best known for its humorous observations of cat behaviour and simple black and white presentation, the series has now amassed over 65 million views on YouTube alone.

A favourite among cat-lovers, the series differentiates itself from many previous cartoon cats by having no dialogue, relying purely on visual comedy and situational familiarity to engage and entertain.

Free stuff – sweet!

If you are after simple quick recipes, in fact 5 ingredients and merely 10 minutes, you can download a free recipe book from Stone Soup. Go to the blog post and scroll down to the download link.

Nathalie Lussier is a living example and very informed expert on eating completely raw foods, or just converting some of your diet to raw. You can sign up for ‘feeds’ (haha) and info, ‘like’ on Facebook, or get various downloads. Visit Raw Foods Witch and scroll down to Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes and click on the download link for “28 Desserts You Can Eat Everyday”. Lots of good ideas there!

Incidentally, do you like the new flowery background here at the blog?

I hope you have a wonderful, warm, creative week,
Meg x o

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