There's a Rock n Roll Princess watchin' over me

Helloooooo Dearhearts!

How are you? I hope you have had a colourful, comfortable, happy, productive, delicious week!

Just look who has been watching over me whilst I do the artwork for the new Rock and Roll Music Lesson Plans!

None other than Princess Leia playing a one sixth (not to be confused with a one Sith-th) Elvis guitar. She seems a relevantly qualified guardian angel for the job, don’t you think? If you are a Music Teacher of around Junior High level, or know one, perhaps you could link them up with my wonderful friends Kevin and Janice at the Fun Music Company site, Music Teachers blog or on Facebook. Or with the Rock and Roll Music Lesson plans themselves? This is a great series of lesson plans, and builds on the Instruments of the Orchestra and Great Composers modules, as well as lots of other great downloadable music teaching resources, including theory books and tons of printable games. I have learned a great deal being involved with the development of these games/resources and their graphics. Full disclosure: Yes, I do benefit it you buy the items!

In other news, my lovely husband has shown me a website associated with the hilarious TV show The Big Bang Theory, called Sheldon’s Shirts, that offers links for shirts, belt buckles and other cool, nerdy-type stuff similar to what they wear/use on the show. There is even now a page of officially licensed shirts made FROM the show – go check it out if you are a fan. SheldonShirts are on Facebook, too. We’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory lately and I can’t wait for the new season/s.

Write to me in the comments section or on my Tangerine Meg Visual Artist page if you are a Big Bang Theory fan. I would love to know I have company!

Have a week so happy it’s as if it were your birthday!
Lots o love,

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