Wherefore arting? Art for wearing :)

Dear bold souls,

Much chaos this week at my place, with one family member now being sans appendix.

I have nevertheless somehow managed to start the Super Art-Scanning Fest I mentioned… and I bring you 2 new art Tshirts! The fancy hippy necklaces are not included. Rather, they are brought to you as invented accessorising suggestions by me, with the help of ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Illustrator’ magic! To buy, click the photo, which will take you to the preview page where you can try out different colour and style shirts.

The Green Leaf ‘T’
Note: Not, in this case, green leaf Tea – another wonderful thing, but different!

[Tshirt not available, image removed]

Whilst out running, I retrieved some fallen autumn leaves from the ground to try to paint -yoink! I am not really sure why this one fell, as the tree hadn’t gotten around to taking the chlorophyll back yet! I love the fresh green, it seems to enliven a lot of flattering Tshirt colours.

Four leaves, no weddings and no funeral

[Tshirt not available, image removed]

I composed this layout in my head as I continued my run, thinking it could make a good greeting card design. After previewing that the outcome is: hmm, not so much… BUT I think it looks pretty good for a unisex Tshirt design – this would look cool on its own, or under a jacket or a waistcoat, and clearly goes well with hippy jewellery too!

If you would like to put some more thought into things with four leaves, like lucky clovers, here’s a link to a new blog post by Christine Kane, which meant a lot to me this week when I was learning how best to be helpful to the member of my family who needed to be in hospital. My favourite part is:

… it is imperative that we learn to inhale deeply, to allow praise, to be special, to nourish ourselves, to feed ourselves, to absorb the abundance of love that is out there for the taking.

Often we are so busy giving and coaching and befriending and serving – that we lose sight of the simple truth that energy is meant to flow.

Big sigh. Smile. Did anybody else need a reminder?

Take care of yourself, and also accept care that is offered to you.
Have a wonderful week,
Love Meg x o

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