For the love of stripes! Live Bold List 16

Hello Dearhearts!

I hope you have had a wonderful week (or several weeks as the case may be!). After a technical hiccup that turned into 2 weeks of down-time, I have been happily busy. It’s time to write an appreciative list of Things that are Stripey and fun. This list is going to need to be abundant with pictures, isn’t it? WARNING: Images to follow may induce visual overload!

Live Bold List 16: For the Love of Stripes

  1. Black and white striped leggings. My new happy pants :) An instant mood lift ensues upon donning. How do you like the beautiful matching World Wildlife Fund Tshirt that I found to go with them? I am pretty sure that zebra is smiling.
  2. Tops. Oh so many stripey tops. Op Shops are often great places to find them. As with the leggings, wearing stripes is a good way to enliven a drab autumny-wintery day.
  3. Stripey Cat. I finished painting another 2 prints of him today. Soon his Edition (note: on the Even Better Paper) will be ready for sale – hooray! :)
  4. Scarves. The soft gorgeous stripes of knitted wool.
  5. Bowls and plates. Stripes around a circle. If you look into the bowl at the reflections, you can see me taking the photo against the blue sky of this afternoon :)
  6. Stripey Socks. Of course! Somedays with sparkly flower sandals and somedays not.
  7. The song Straight Lines by Silverchair. I am not sure what it’s about – stripes? – but I love having it in my iPod when I go for a run!

This next week I will be having a massive Scanning Fest, so I will get to show you the latest art I have been working on! There are leaves, trees, colour, colour, colour and guess what else …? STRIPES :) Hooray!

I would like to leave you with my favourite quote of the week (it’s probably last week now, with all that delay due to technology trouble) from Bridget Pilloud (in her post Steppin Out of the Wierdo Box):

… normal stopped existing about the second day on this planet

Whew! That’s a relief, isn’t it?

May your world be enriched with lots of lovely stripes,
Tangerine-striped Meg x o


For the love of stripes! Live Bold List 16 — 2 Comments

  1. Ooh I’m doing the stripey thing too!! Can’t wait to show you pics of my bright, beautiful knitting. One more week to go…

    • I can’t wait to see! :) Stripes seem to brighten things up when the weather is cold and dreary, don’t they? Hope you are well x o

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