I love the bold affirmation girl

Hi there, Bold Ones,

Thanks to several friends on Facebook who passed on this wonderful video. Many of you may have already seen this, but here she is again – my addition to the virus-osity-o-rama (virulence just sounds too much like the plague)!  :)

Let’s make lists of unqualified “I love ….”s in our lives. It’s not going to be a “Live Bold List” with a number and a title, just a free floating list of joyous affirmations:

  1. I love that it’s raining
  2. I love that I am warm and dry
  3. I love that the electricity works and I have light and a computer connection (and internet!)
  4. I love my warm pink cardigan from the OpShop :)
  5. I love the smell of the Sticky Date Gingerbread baking
  6. I love that we have a gas connection and the oven works so it can cook the Sticky Date Gingerbread
  7. I love that I brought my washing in earlier – before it started raining – and it’s dry on my bed, waiting to be folded and put away
  8. I love that I got some yummy food cooked today ready for the week
  9. I love that despite being ‘off’ wheat, barley, red meat, sugar, alcohol, preservatives (etc) and nuts, there are still plenty of interesting yummy options for nutrition and nourishment

Oh, yeah and one “My (thing I own) is great”

  1. My new stripey leggings are great (and also dry, waiting to be folded and put away, and later – WORN with glee!)

I think everyone’s list is meant to be personal and specific. Hence mine is of a somewhat domestic nature today!
Wanna share? There’s a comments section below, or you could comment at my Facebook Visual Artist page. I’d love to hear about a few of the things you appreciate :)

Remember, Like the girl in the video: You, too, can do anything good!

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