Tired but techie-chick-fabulous!

Hey dear readers!

9 minutes til midnight, and I have just uploaded my new tangerine epiphany card sales web page with e-junkie buttons, and cart, and the card designs I have available! Go take a look if you like, I’ll wait here.

I am quite chuffed with myself cos I had to troubleshoot the server trying to keep an old copy (with old buttons etc and no link to card page), and I built the buttons in Flash. My next task is to put links into the text so the google spider robots can see them, as with the buttons being within a flash file they wont be able to read them.

I feel like singing the praises of the (also fabulous) e-junkie. It’s like the egg whites in a pavlova, almost magical!

Hope you have a fabulous day (or night depending on your location),
Thanks for your visit,

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