Bloom where you’re planted

And I need to take on my own suggestion (ie. bloom where I am planted, or in this case where my animation is planted) and not get stressed about a silver, self-cleaning toilet block that sprung up in the time between choosing the wall for my site-specific animation and the date for the SALA walking tour with projector transported on a special bike.

This is what the wall looked like when I chose it (note the big pole in left foreground):

wall near new bus station
wall near new bus station

and this is it now:

wall with new shiny development
wall with new shiny entity

This is a picture of where the resourceful team were able to project the animated 80 seconds through between the shiny silver construction and the big pole:

Resourcefully found projection position
Resourcefully found projection position

Here is the link to how my work looked on the wall. Thanks Doll Yoko for the photo and for putting the photo on your art/free & open source software/politics website. I appreciate it. That link is now broken so I will upload the pic here for your enjoyment. Thanks to Doll Yoko for giving me a copy of the photos she took:

Will let you know when I have figured out how to post the animation to YouTube, and you can have a look.

I just noticed I’m actually not complaining, I just thought it was all an interesting development and outcome, and a personalised side story I was able to add to the mosaic.

The walk as a whole was really great. Well organised, well presented, well-chosen matches of film to the various locations. People were great to work with, beyond the call of duty helpfulness. (Thanks for the font-save Luku!)

By the way, at the “Duck Park” down the street the happy ducks have 7 ducklings, growing up fast!


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