Etsy and SALA rock (updates)

Greetings fellow inhabiters of BlogWorld,

During July and August I am happy (and encouraged) to say that some of my printmaking work has gone to good homes, some locally, some via Air Mail.

As of today, I have also updated my Tangerine Meg etsy shop listings to include some new prints that are printed, painted and available.
For this here blog, I have fresh uploads too, which need a new theme maybe (as they are neither “Happy People” nor “Cat Prints”). They are a dove, mandarins etc, with pears to follow. Hmmm…How about Nature As Design Element? Too long perhaps? …Now I’ve decided, it’s called Design from Nature; feel welcome to have a look at my simple new page.
The next updating needs to be my own card shop. Will let you know when that is done.

More details later on my SALA screening that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I will tell the whole story when I get a link to a particular photo someone took.

Wishing you peace,

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