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Hi Lovelies!

Today: a link to a product which I have been part of making (just so you know I haven’t totally been lazy, even though I haven’t been progressing the printmaking). It’s downloadable printable music theory lessons, for music teachers or substitute teachers taking music lessons, at about Grade 8 level. So if that is you, or if you know someone who might need such a thing, it’s a handy website/product. It’s also in my blog roll.

While we are talking about work I have done, I am currently trying to do webby technical stuff to my card site to make it suitable for people to visit. Also I have 12 designs but only like 6 on the site so far. Also Tangerine Epiphany is really hard to type in, so I have purchased…much better! Will keep you updated on that.

Along the way I am learning more about SEO (search engine optimisation) so hopefully that will help get some visitors. I bought the Itty Biz SEO Ninja ebook. That link is to a pretty long blog post but if the book interests you there is a “buy now” button at the end.

I am loving the warm spring weather; running or riding in the mornings enjoying all the flowers, and the weird and wonderful spring scents waftin’ around. Now the vegies will be extra grateful for getting watered I guess. All my plants get washing machine rinse water enhanced with bokashi compost magic. Lucky them! I can see the luxuriant growth.

Hope you guys are enjoying your lives,


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