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A warm welcome today, blog-friends,

I will plant later when it’s cooler outside, but am excited just to have in the house (purchased from our local Farmers Market) some new dear little vegetable seedlings. I will list them, as they are heirloom (some of them) and interesting:
Money Maker Tall Tomato, Carmello Tall Tomato, punnet of mixed lettuce, Butternut Barbara Pumpkin, Burpless Tasty Green Cucumber, Black Pearl Eggplant (Ahoy!), Zucchini Black Betty (Bambalam) and Zucchini Houdini (not sure where that one has got to), Basil (Cinnamon), Joi Choi Pak Choy and Planters Jumbo Rockmelon. In addition to which last week I purchased “Giant of Stuttgart” climbing bean, Oregon Sugar Pod Pea and Mesclun lettuce Mix seeds, and was given sunflower and Coreopsis seeds.

Here is my phone pic of the goodies:

box o' potential

box o potential

I am going to try a slightly different way of watering the vegies this season. Instead of using just the dripper line (I don’t think the holes are quite frequent enough) I am going to build up some edges of soil to keep the washing water (enriched with bokashi) in areas. And to make sense of that I will plant in groups. I was inspired by a friend who is doing something similar.

Good news the (new, specialised) Almond Tree that almost carked it whilst I was away, is picking up now with the application of TLC (lots of bucketed water), and will be ok.

If you like physical comedy at the theatre, and you can get to Tricicle 20 when they are in your home area, go for it! They guaranteed a laugh every 10 seconds, which they got, and which is a lot in a no-interval 1.5 hour show! It was very well done, it really was FULL of laughs. I guess they had be practising for a long time but it was as if it was done for the first time freshly in front of us. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have a happy day,
Be great, be you.

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