Stop and smell the sweet, sweet wisdom

Greetings to you, patient fabulous blog friends!

Just wanted to let you know the roses are a-blooming like crazy. Their perfume beckons as I run by, sometimes convincing me to stop and smell them. Classic. The jasmine is just finishing and the honeysuckle is in full bloom. Lucky for me I don’t get asthma etc. (Should I mention our recently flowering street trees had a pungency verging on the yuck?)

I read a blog a few weeks ago about trimming blog-reading time by subscribing to just a few that you really like and getting them by email instead of RSS reader. I thought about it. I like my RSS reader. My interpretation: put my 3 must-reads at the top, delete a whole lot and leave 28 (or so – just few enough that no scroll bar appears!) that I am fond of for when I do have a bit of extra time. And not to feel obligated to read every bit of every one, especially if they are a bit long or not on the same track as me that day. Fair enough! The point is to enjoy and learn, so I have decided to lose the guilt about not getting through all of them.
I like blogs. For me it’s like having a wise friend tell what they have been learning and thinking about. I feel the same way about good self-help books. Blogs are good-sized little chunks of human shared wisdom.

Hey, I’d better tell you those top 3 blogs: Seth Godin (of course), Dave Rendall (Freak Factor – also essential inspiration) and Naomi Dunford (Itty Biz – marketing wisdom I can understand). All are unique and interesting, and have a positive impact on my thinking about the world.

Fear be free and love be settling, (thank you to a wise real-world friend for that guiding wish),

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