I fell

Hello sweet readers! Greetings from my world!

Indeed I fell.

Was a legitimate fall (not a getting older “having-a-fall” fall) over an uneven paver join on a non-usual route. Somehow I rolled a little as my adrenalin-think was “this is going to hurt unless I can mitigate it with say? a roll”. I said a swear. I scraped my knees and the bases of my hands. Stingy. Jolty. Got up and kept running.

The relevance of all this is: Maybe a fall from standing height (with some forwards momentum, not hugely much but more than on steppy stilts!!!) onto rough pavement will make me less concerned about falling whilst stepping on stilts onto indoor floor. Maybe. I think it is going to be a matter of practice.

Look after your healths: mental, physical, heart,

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