Talking the walk…

… or Talking about Walking.

Hello Dear Ones,

I have been, and am, thinking about walking. This has been brought on by more attempts at walking on stilts.

When I did the “learn how” bit (about 3 months ago) I got the idea at first but then I kind of lost my nerve. Now I am going to short practise sessions to try to build ability/confidence. In between I have been thinking about walking.

I guess at one point in life I could crawl only, not walk (I don’t consciously remember this!) The lure of walking must have been strong enough to get me up into the walking plane. Scary, yet exciting. The call of the 3rd dimension. Now, if I trust the stilts (I do, I put them on nice and tight), and I can do the walking action (with the higher knee lifting), then it should be a mental exercise to be able to walk among the higher air. There just seems so much space around to fall into. What will call me as an adult? Conquering the skill, conquering the fear?
And why do I not have those falling fears on the trapeze? Oh, the gravity of gravity.

Maybe since it is night-time here, I will walk the web instead and see where I could buy me a pair of stilts whilst remaining comfortably seated.

Will keep you posted,
Take care!

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