Confessions of an anxious parader

Hello my petals,

Apparently I looked “hot” (someone complimented me) but I really DID NOT enjoy the walking in the parade. People were looking. Lots and lots of people. Mercifully the distance was short. I faced forwards, and stuck to the middle of the road. I gave my hand-out leaflets to the other, outgoing punks.

I had a great time with the dressing up bit and the putting together of the outfit. This is me afterwards. As you can see by my curtain fabric, the punk thing is of a different genre to my usual life/home.

blurred to protect the innocent

blurred to protect the innocent

More learning for life: I am not currently either a natural or trained performer. (I was ok back home afterwards taking the shots with family members). Also I got a big blister on my heel from the combination of fish-nets and big borrowed boots!


Take care, punks and not punks,


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