The love lists of Megs

Dear bold and fabulous ones,

Meg Fowler had a list of things she loves on her blog post (apologies, no longer a live link) today. I thought “What a good and happy idea” and that I would join in with a love list, too. Hello other Meg! Other Meg is from Meg Fowler dot com (apologies, no longer a live link), so if you didn’t just come from there go check our her list. I’ll wait here.

Things I (Tangerine Meg) love (in no particular order):

My family and dear friends. Supportive and inspiring! Last year one friend got me this fantastic wool happy hat, and this year I found a scarf to match. And recently one has given me a handed down rainwater tank – wow, handy! Names have been changed omitted to protect the innocent. rainbow-hat

Circus Training including doing handstands and trapeze. This is a fledgling set of skills I am appreciating slowly acquiring for the first time as an adult.

This beautiful rain. The ground has been so thirsty. We humans are lucky and the ducks are happy again. It’s tough with not much water.

My garden. Growing, feeding me, being beautiful outside my windows. (There is a bit of grass growing between the lettuce and nasturtiums now that there is enough water being applied. The bottom photo is the herb tubs outside my kitchen window.) lettuce


Listening to Prem Rawat speak centres me like nothing else I know.

The local farmers market. Bringing locally grown produce together to offer us without using a lot of our planets energy to transport it from far away. I am happy to support them to feed my household and proud to wear my membership (discount!) card.

My gorgeous HeartFelt slippers [link removed, broken]. (If the website still says they are sold out, I suggest you email or phone as it apparently needs updating). They are made from Aussie felted wool. I adore them, they are fun and bright and warm, and they jingle gently when I walk. My previous disintegrating slippers have been finally retired. Shown here with my new woollen rainbow socks!


The first soup of the cold season. I made it today and ate with left over butter chicken. It is warming spicy pumpkin and borlotti bean.

The Monarto Zoo. Went to the “local” open range zoo last week. It was really great to see heaps of live animals relatively close up. Here is a shot of the back of me, looking out at a lioness. The lionesses were all edgy because it was a really windy day, and they approached the bus and we had to back up. Will do a seperate post with heaps more animal pics.

Me on the bus and the lioness outside the window

Me on the bus and the lioness outside the window

Many of the things I have chosen today seem to have a theme of keeping warm! I guess it shows the seasons are turning. I’m sure you noticed the rainbow/colourful thread too. That’s me being me. Hooray!

So enjoy your time on the internet, and make sure you keep time for other things too (just like I need to!) Got some planting to do now the soil is freshly rained upon.

Thanks for reading.
Take care,
(Tangerine) Meg


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