Rain drops. I am learning a DROP! Rockin' boat.

Hi there, happy humans!

Hope you are well and thriving. Just a short post today to keep in touch!

We got some beautiful rain! Hoorah! Hooray! The ponds at the park have gone from cracked desert bowls back to full watery ponds. And the ducks are back. I don’t know where they were, but I’m glad they’re back.

I am learning a “Drop” on the trapeze! SO excited! A drop is when you let go from one position and fall safely to another. 2 weeks ago it hadn’t crossed my mind that this could happen anytime soon.

If you can, go to the movie “The Boat that Rocked”. I went last night (late), and loved it. It’s M-rated and is made by Working Title Films. It’s a fun (with drama) romp through about a year of the 60s, when popular music was barely played on land based radio stations, and a big radio station ship was set up off-shore from Britain to play rock and pop music. Half the population of Britain would tune in. A good story with plenty of colour and laughs, a little nudity, a few swears, great performances, and really well edited and otherwise put together. Not to spoil but I was hanging on and with bated breath at the end. Music was of course fantastic.

See you soon,
Love Meg

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