Thursday, thusly thoughtful. Linking for thinking.

Dear siblings of the bloggiverse!

I hope you are having a good week. Here is some lovely linky food for thought.

Don’t you think this crocheted reef project is a beautiful thing? Despite it’s resemblance to coral reef it doesn’t function so, of course. And we can’t make reef. It’s a wonderful artistic way to draw attention to the beauty and the plight. To remind us what we are lucky to have.

Another green link, to some Lights On/Lights Off Earth Hour photos. Starting from the 2nd one, you can click on each photo to see the before and during shots. Imagine how much energy we could conserve if we did this more frequently! Or dare I say it? …we turned off non-essential lighting a LOT of the time!

Days with my Father is a complete story/picture site. The pictures are large so you may have to adjust or scroll around with your browser. Touching and beautifully done, like a lovely book.

I just received in the post some georgeous adults felt slippers from HeartFelt. If you go check out the site you will see that she has slippers and other woolly things as well as sponsors kids in Nepal. I have just opened my parcel and these are officially my new Happy Slippers. I am wearing them for the sheer joy of it even though it is a warm day here!

I feel as though showing you these links is like the classic children’s party game: Pass the parcel. I find something cool on a blog or site I have looked at, and then I show you guys. You unwrap a layer and pass it on. We all get a little present.

Thanks for coming to my party!
Take care of yourself, and let’s take care of this place,

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