Tuesday tidbits

Hello me livin’ Hearties!

Today a link to the gorgeous Goddess Leonie’s site is in order. I am very pleased to have a sponsorship button on Goddess Leonie’s beautiful site, which is called Goddess Guide Book. She had already put the link there when I woke up (after having sent the artwork/payment at 1 (one) am!). She is one fabulous and organised goddess!

Reality check
Today I played the part of “parent” at parent-teacher interviews. I think of myself as firm but fair, but have been told by one of the kids’ teachers (years ago) that I am in fact “…one degree to the right of marshmallow”. Self image needs adjusting!

And more excitement
Oh. My. God. It has been on the mental ToDo list for some time, putting my blog at my own domain name. I did it. Just now. Finalised. Next I will make it nice, with pretty curtains and cups of chai and then I will invite you all over!

Thank you so much for reading, and Take Care Fabulous Mortals,

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