Soup, and the best bicycle bell I have ever seen

Hello dear petals,

Autumn is fully here. More wonderful soaking rains have come. Woollen clothing is being released from summer zip-and-plastic captivity. And my food-thoughts have turned, as a girl’s thoughts in Autumn are wont, to soup. Warm and nourishing vegetable goodness, just the thing to take over from those fresh and cool salads.

Here’s a photo of some onion bulbs that I hadn’t realised were sitting half in and half out of my garden bed, they are left over from last year. They care not for my lack of organisation, they are busy and self-reliant with their own growing business. Fresh sproutingly good for them. You can see a bit of the brown drip irrigation hose across the foreground.

autumn sprouting

autumn sprouting

This is my new bicycle bell. It is the best bicycle bell I have ever seen. I wish you could hear it, too! “Beng-baong!” it chimes. I bought it locally but the website is It could be on a show If Fruit could Magically Become Other Objects, the segment would be the granny smith apple as a bell. Obviously!

a granny smith apple transmogrified into a bike accessory

my new bike accessory

I have made some personal progress at circus training this week:

  • I can, with spotting (help),  finally do a handstand to forward roll – back to standing. I am busting to join the “Random Handstands” group on Facebook, but am holding off til I can do one with no help AT ALL
  • Continuing to learn my Drop on the static trapeze, and I can get onto the trapeze by myself at last, and
  • today a small bit of progress with hand-walking. Body posture is the next key. Hooray!

And hooray! again I say, for sheer ragged persistence for a long long time. It does make me happy when perseverance (apparently in the face of logic and time) finally adds up and I can see a little increment of achievement.

Eat well, sleep well, be well,

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