Boldly confessed

Dear bold beautiful bloggy buddies! Welcome!

My confession is this: I am not feeling very bold today! How can that be?
I have been getting the site nice and new, putting in a new tagline to acknowledge the art and soul boldness. Now that’s all done I get to write, and make pictures. Now the time has come I am in fact feeling a bit timid. So for now I guess I’ll just potter around here beneath the new banner and see how that feels.

Art stuff news: New art card designs! I previewed them yesterday at the Lets market, along with some of the new tshirts! I am so excited to be sharing new art!
The official launch is in about a fortnight at Goodwood Market in South Australian Living Artists (SALA) week.
I am uploading them and updating the card shop is as due haste as I can, too.

The first new picture I have for you in the blog is the Pears one.

How it came about: I was mesmerised by the 3 gorgeous colours of the fruit – nature tips its hat to traffic lights!? The composition is as if someone dropped them into an empty aquarium, or a clear squarish vase, and they fitted inside the clear walls. So not a true Still Life I don’t think, but an arrangement.

I will have this available as art cards. Do you think it would make a good t-shirt picture? (I am wary of women wearing it as a top getting comments about ‘nice pairs’.) Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on Facebook.

I am looking forward to the first of my new fortnightly features Live Bold Day list (I’m aiming for Tuesdays), so Live Bold Tuesday or Live Bold Weekday, if I get too random about the day!

Be great, be you,

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