Live Bold List 1: "Pay attention to the sky"

Hello fellow Mellow Yellows!

Today the dream becomes real!
My new series of lists manifests as little beginnings. Herewith the first, a new feature. A list of things to try or think about or do, to remind you (and me) about living lusciously, beautifully and boldly.


Live Bold List 1: The inaugural, “pay attention to the sky” edition

  1. Look out a window at the sky.
  2. If the temperature outside is comfortable, go outside.
  3. Breathe.
  4. Go back inside and do something else – Maybe organise the washing, or have a cup of tea.
  5. Go outside and look at the sky again. In what little or large ways has it changed?
  6. Peg up the washing. While you are pegging up the washing, look past the washing out at the sky. Breathe.
  7. Opt out of an activity or association that’s making you feel not right. That’s pretty big. You may want to work up to it! Think about how to do that in a clear, non-messy, minimal-repercussion-inducing way. Take your time!
  8. How might you move? Walk or run or skip or dance? Swing your arms around? Then breathe. Sigh.
  9. Eat well. Today I am going to make a really basic nourishing soup. And eat it with good bread. You know the kind that works for you.
  10. Create something. What do you like to make? A poem, a treasure hunt, a tiny doodle, a clean bathroom basin. It all counts.
  11. Tidy something up a little bit. A thought, a shelf, a relationship.
  12. Slow down and deliberately do nothing for a while, say a minute. Sometimes difficult, but worthwhile.
  13. Contact someone and tell them about how you like their essence or something they did. Phone calls and texts and emails and Facebook-messages are ok. Facebook Wall is ok used with discretion! Will get back to you about Twitter, haven’t ventured there yet!
  14. Find a way to visit a tipi. Stand in the centre and do a reach up/stabilise down yoga posture, like triangle pose. Feel grounded through your legs while you look out through the top at the sky. Breathe.
  15. Feel the sky feeling inside you. Open, wonderful, making the present the only.

Feel very free to take what rings true and ignore the rest. Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on my Visual Artist page on Facebook.

Thanks for being here, dear readers, I appreciate your visit.

[Later: By the way, there are still some of this Limited Edition Lino print available, go here to check out “Girl Welcoming Rain”.]


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  1. i love what you are doing and reading your points. i especially like no 11 ..the way you have touched on 3 totally different aspects.keep em coming! love heather

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