Live Bold List 3: "Pink"

Dear Bold Souls,

Since a message arrived from Pink Auctions (see item 1) I have been quite taken, nay even preoccupied, by the colour pink. Indeed, I have been thinking about it so much that it is synchronous for the next Live Bold List, Number 3, to be a list of my random, personal brushes with the world of pink. Here Goes…

Live Bold List 3: “Pink”

  1. Pink Auctions (that link is to their Facebook page) are “…an informal group of artists and makers coming together to make items that are significantly pink, to be sold in the month of October through eBay, Etsy or Artfire and the proceeds of which sales to go to breast cancer research.”
    Hooray! That sounds like fun and worth doing. I’m in. See Number 2. The start of the thinking about pink.
  2. I had ideas for 2 pictures: one a strong wise human breast cancer survivor, and one a predominantly pink stripey cat! I have carved the woman lino print and am currently carving the cat print. I haven’t decided if the cat is in repose or leaping, but either way he is in a garden with pink poppies and little pink flowers as a carpet/foreground. Shall I scan the lino and show you? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook.
    … Otherwise stay tuned for the printed, painted, fully-formed artworks – with much pink!
  3. This picture records the new deep rosy leaf growth on the guava tree. I moved the camera (phone) just after the click and before the shot, but I kind of like the effect! Spring today. Hooray!guavablurred_small
  4. The apricot tree is blooming beautifully, with hundreds of pale pink blossoms heralding both the warmer weather and many many potential apricots. Those who were reading this blog last year may recall my apricot tree had only about 6 fruit, but that they were divine! Hoping for a few more this year!Blossom_small
  5. Don’t forget the singer Pink. A bold excellent person whose music, strong and catchy, can make a happy – or conversely poignant (like with Dear Mr. President) – atmosphere anywhere.
  6. My new glasses are almost pink. Purple really, I guess. I admit it. Surely purple is related to pink?
    Me with new glasses_small
  7. Pink cream shortbread biscuits from iChomp. IChomp is an SA company making divine shortbread creams, shortbread fingers and savoury stick biscuits. I came across Sue at the local Farmers Market, but at her site she mentions that she does 4 markets, as well as details the low fat, locally sourced properties of the biscuits.
    In pink, I adore the raspberry cream shortbreads and have just tried the subtle Mulberry this week (that, dearhearts, is an exclusive, because those aren’t up on the site yet), and in ‘not pink’ the double chocolate is great, not too sweet, but very chocolatey.

And I am reminded of my late mentor, Ruth Tuck, who upon opening an exhibition mentioned she had been ‘thinking about green’. I can relate to that.

I remain,
Always tangerinely yours,


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