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Dear Bold and Lovely Ones,

I am having issues with uploading photos today, so the picture post-that’s-in-the-making will come soon, but not today.

Instead I bring you an important post by Goddess Leonie on Permission. Here’s a little of it:

You have permission to say no whenever you like, however you like, in whatever kind of voice you like, without feeling like only Mean Girls Say No and Nice Girls Say Yes. That’s bullshit. Yes and No have equal weighting – what’s important is if you use them when they are the best thing for you, not out of fear, obligation or guilt.

You have permission to know that Yes is powerful, and so is No. The power comes from you using either from your highest spirit and truest integrity.

I found it quite liberating as well as reassuring. I need to read it again now!

Much love,

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