Live Bold List 2: "Links to Boldness"

Dearly bold-loveds,
Did you ever have Rudyard Kipling read to you when you were young? I remember he used to call the reader Dearly Beloved. You beautiful and bold guys are hence the Bold-Loveds.


Today’s list is links to random cool stuff on the net that you might like. I do!

Live Bold List 2: “Links to Boldness”

  1. Lucien Pissarro, a printmaker and painter, was a son of Camille Pissarro. I find this woodcut work quite beautiful.
  2. A font, based on J Borges woodcut prints. I love it! (Oh, if only humans could marry fonts…) It’s called FD J Borges, and is based on the work by Brazilian artist J. Borges. You can even use it for free or modify it so long as you cite “J. Borges” as the original author. There are a limited number of pictures, no capitals or symbols… it’s not really meant for using as a font (& they don’t represent letters). The circus lady above is one of the pics I have modified. You know how to download fonts to your computer, right? Yummy!
  3. A short animated Pixar film about competing musicians. I must admit sometimes small movies or links can make me feel like I have a short attention span. Not this one, I was riveted. It is short, though!!
  4. A great list of things to do from MomGrind, designed with and for children, but I think applicable for all ages, with adaptation!
  5. Join up at the fear.less site to receive stories for free via email. Some of the stuff people have made it through is unbelievable. Their courage and persistance is inspiration for boldness!
  6. Static trapeze article in Wikipedia. I have linked to this before, months ago, but thought it was worth doing so again. I am missing the trapeze, as we have technical issues, so just posting this makes me feel better!
  7. Humna Mustafa paints beautiful henna tattoo body art. The blog post I linked to there has a photo of some hands she painted beautifully this week, ready for her SALA (South Australian Living Artists) exhibition opening on Friday.

Hope there is something there that you can gain something from. Let me know in the comments section below or on my Tangerine Meg Visual Artist page on Facebook. It’s possible to “become a fan” at that page, or from right here… there is a “fan box” to the right of this article.

Be excellent to each other,

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