The bobbly scarf manifests

Dear and bold readers,

Today the small tale of a re-re-incarnated scarf, and of how one can learn from wool to work a wonder.



After getting a lead from Goddess Leonie, I purchased a skein of handspun funky wool from blonde chicken’s etsy shop.

The first incarnation: I knitted the length of yarn up as a wide scarf – 20 big fat stitches per row. It was nearly done but I decided it wasn’t working… too wide to wear. Undo.

Next: I knitted most of a vest but ran out of length. I added others yarns which couldn’t really hold their own, but still the garment was not working. Undo.

Now: I have made a scarf – all of 7 stitches wide – that’s already a firm favourite, so light and so cosy, just the right length (and somewhat stretchy) and funky as can be! I love it. Thanks Leonie, and thanks blonde chicken. Thanks to me for persisting until the right manifestation of the chunky wool emerged.

As you can see, it’s chunkily uglily beautiful. It has grey and black and white as well as a pink section and a light green section and lots of random mixture gorgeous sections. It’s super soft. It’s a happy scarf. Do you like the way I arranged it in a big Zorro “Z”?

My lesson: Just as I can persist re-doing the scarf until the “meant to be” form becomes apparent, with pauses for days on end to ponder and mix and match in my head, so too can I make the best of life, if I give myself a little patience and deal with the reality of what I have been given.

Just to let you know, I haven’t posted as regularly as I had planned cos I am planning a bit event – my wedding! Hooray! So I will see you back here with news from the other side after the honeymoon.

Take care,

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