Live Bold List 5: Be Great. Be You.

Hello Dearhearts,

I am married! Hoorah! Here is a photo from the day. Do you like our coloured hair?


Now we MoonHoneys are back from Honeymoon! Had a lovely time. ‘Twas tropical and greatly luxurious, and the pace of slow was wonderful.

Now I am afresh, relaxed and keen to use all that formerly-wedding/honeymoon-planning-energy to create, help, be, move, live and love. Here are some of my inspirations for Bold Living:

Live Bold List 5: Be Great, Be You.

  1. This is quite a great way to start: Leo at Zen Habits article “Do Interesting Things”
  2. Exercise! I have become stodgified by indulgent eating and lack of regular exercise. This urgently needs modification! Running, walking, classes. Get back to Circus and Yoga classes as soon as possible to rebuild strength and tone.
  3. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. That is the simple theory, and if you would like more explanation, click on the link there for the whole manifesto by Michael Pollan, who also wrote In Defense of Food on the same theme.
  4. Make space for being glorious, to let our selves shine. I think I may need Goddess Leonie’s de-cluttering course next time it runs! We are working on getting our belongings and space sorted out, maybe even streamlined. After 3 months of engagement & prioritising other things, the house is not zen or flowing or clear at all. In fact much ‘stuff’ needs to be given a new life with friends or charity shops! We are working on it.
  5. Read and try things from this post by Goddess Leonie 10-ways-to-feel-happy-now.
  6. Take our time. Do the important stuff, like visit friends and relatives, make together time and family time, and be there for kids and friends who contributed so much in particular to our wedding day.
  7. Indulge in small amount of happy clothes THAT FIT NOW whilst the restorative eating and exercising practises have their effect.

Yours in an attempt to live consciously,


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  1. Oh my goddess Meg, congratulations… what a beautiful, exquisite photo… and your beautiful love celebration! This utterly shines honey…

    and by the way – your new website looks INCREDIBLE hon… so very perfect!!!

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