Live Bold List 8: Bold Fun + Goodness online

Hello rainbow loved ones,
Welcome to my Bold Fun and Goodness list of resources to be found online, the first 2 groups are free, the third is for online purchase. This list doesn’t include my own art stuff!

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Group 1: Free to download

These ebooks will require the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. I am assuming you guys are all ‘au fait’ with clicking on “Download” buttons and saving files to a suitable, re-findable place on your computer. I am not sure why a high percentage of this first group have “freak” in the title, or maybe I do know…

  1. Charlie Pabst’s ebook: “A Humans Guide to Freelance Living”. Just scroll down a tad at that link to find the download button. This wonderful wonderful book makes me smile each time I read through it. It is written for freelance workers, but applicable for life.
  2. Dave Rendall’s manifesto “The Freak Factor”. I have raved about Dave and his ideas before, and for good reason! Recently he has also e-published “The Freak Factory” about workplace freak enhancement.
  3. RenGen (Renaissance Generation) manifesto. Suggesting we are verging on a very interesting change. We live in fascinating, exciting times.
  4. Freak Revolution manifesto. This has good tips for living authentically, boldly! I specially like Parts 2 and 3.


Group 2: Use online

  1. In a mood for a quick game? Sudoku online. Sudoku games that change every week. There is a timer! Try to better your score.
  2. In a mood to play around with superhero building – and when wouldn’t you be? Marvel’s Make your own Superhero is so much fun. You can download your creation to your computer as a pdf when you are done, too. Here is my first attempt (I’ve always wanted to learn archery):
  3. “The Oatmeal” has some fun quizzes. Warning: Not all child-friendly! Follow to their page at your own discretion. Other warning: potential time waster, do when you have some time! Some of my favourites are: How addicted to Facebook are you? How long could you survive on the surface of the sun? (me? 2 seconds, but that’s probably a little optimistic!) An educational non-quiz one: How to use an apostrophe.  Also do  you want to know How many germs live on your cell phone? Mine apparently has over 2 million – eeeuw, lovely (not) …
  4. This Jung Typology personality test. I just did this and was rather stunned by the accuracy of the character description afterwards. See how you go.
  5. A little one for last: A Ninja text generator! You can type in a short phrase and the Ninja will carve the letters for you while you watch.


Group 3: Online purchase

Goddess Leonie’s Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit. Goddess Leonie has magic in her voice as she soothes you down to centredness and still, wonderful sleep. I am an affiliate for this one, as a good night’s sleep (or even several of them – who would have thought?) is such a precious thing (and I would only be an affiliate for something I believe in). Leonie says: “If my superhero skill is in helping people get some sweet slumber, I guess I’ll be cool with that :).”

I just typed in the tags for this post, and I sound like such a name-dropper! Oh well, I know all the links have been included for the wisdom of their content. Hope you enjoy these links to games, quizzes and inspiration and maybe even some wonderful sleep! Let me know in the comments if things were inspiring, useful, interesting or fun. Or if you have some good ones to add – I welcome the input.



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