Live Bold List 9: Bold tshirts of 2009

Dearest boldly-est beloveds,

This is a very personal list of 6 tshirts I have had wear and meaning and joy from in 09. So there’s no right or wrong, ok? Leave me a comment if you like to tell me about yours :)


Live Bold List 9: Bold tshirts of 2009

  1. Peace and Love. Cool, man. Typography tells it! I like writing on clothes.
  2. Global warming isn’t cool… One of my kids grew out of this so I get to wear it! Again with the writing on clothes!
  3. 80s flower shirt with sequins. I was a bit concerned when I noted fashion was reverting to 80s looks, but this top is such lovely colours, and the style is forgiving on that post-honeymoon figure! Also it has little sparkles.
  4. Rainbow lady (my design). She is the embodiment of boldness, with happy colours. I always get a buzz out of wearing this and have just ordered one with another colour shirt. Here is my blog post about buying tshirts from my RedBubble (note that 3 Ts = free shipping is not on right now), and here is the link to Rainbow Lady Tshirt on Red Bubble. See below for a coincidence about this picture.
  5. Wonder Woman. I may be a big nerd, but who doesn’t want a Lariat of Truth? We could do with wrapping it around some of those ‘leaders’ after the Copenhagen meeting couldn’t we?
  6. My circus training tshirt. This has seen both sweat and tears. Next year, I hope with growing body confidence to graduate to sometimes feeling comfortable to wear the training singlet. [PS. Yesterday I received the ‘Spirit of Circus’ award. I am still trying to understand what that exactly means, but I am mighty honoured :) ]

It all kinda tells my story doesn’t it? The only thing missing is this ‘keming’ shirt, or badge or notepaper, which may amuse graphic design trained people!

Speaking of David Hockney style digital paste it together panoramas (which we were, I promise)… I was just on a Vigil for World Peace against Global Warming, and we made some numbers out of ourselves, on the ground, to contribute to the messages from all over the world to our ‘leaders’ at the Copenhagen climate change talks. Here is the composite picture (you can see a three-five-oh in there.) That’s me in my purple sparkly skirt. I think I look like Rainbow Lady! What do you think? Is art imitating art imitating life imitating art or something?….



I wonder if the same Ts will be favourites again in 2010? Let me know in the comments section if you have had a favourite item of clothing recently or one that has been meaningful for you! And include a link to a picture if you like!

Look after yourselves, dearhearts,

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