Help me help Hearts for Haiti

[I’ll leave this post here for posterity, but many of the links were just for this particular fundraiser – the ones that don’t work anymore have been removed]

Hello Bold Souls!

I have been thinking a lot about general devastation and about Haiti and about both… and about how lucky I am to be safe and well and in a position to help. Perhaps you would like to join me.
Today I am posting:
1 a link to my offering (Serendipity pack of 7 art cards),
2 some, I mean a lot, of favourites from the etsy Hearts for Haiti shop, and
3 some other great charity links.

Already $14,000+ has been raised but the Hearts for Haiti etsy shop. Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to add to that? You can also read a blog about the progress of the shop. The idea with the Heart theme is to encourage Valentine’s Day gift makers/buyers, but all handmade things are welcome. Incidentally, I realised I have no exisiting heart images, which surprised me, and needs to be rectified :)

My offering is a “Serendipity” mixed pack of 7 art cards for $30 [no longer on offer] – each usually $5.  The money goes (minus Paypal and etsy fees) to Doctors without Borders, and myself and the other makers are covering postage. So 7 for $30, with free postage anywhere in the world. I would love to start by contributing $300ish towards the cause so I have 10 packs on offer.

[image removed]


My ‘Hearts for Haiti’ etsy shop favourites (so far) selected just for you from the 35 36 40 pages of goodies… Get yourself a present or stock up for loved ones special gifts during the year (yey being organised!)

$15 and under

$15 to $49

  • Groovy neck wrap/decoration by plumfish [link removed]
  • Cute heart pendant by kvoss designs [link removed],
  • Goddess pin doll [link removed] by Whimsigals,
  • Hand-painted heart drawer knobs [link removed] by LeilasLoft
  • Colored pencil tree drawing by Jen O’Connell
  • Handsewn handbag (purse) [link removed] by uniquestitches
  • Goodlooking, rustic, almost primitive heart pendant [link removed] by clynstudio
  • Girl’s decorated long cardigan [link removed] by 3littlebirdsboutique
  • Soft crocheted iPhone pouch by bonnieboon
  • Toddlers crocheted hat [link removed] by ifanhour
  • Cool sterling silver hand pendant [link removed] on cord by echoandwild
  • Crocheted roses in a heart box [link removed] by willo
  • Heart dog tag pendant by Beadsinthebelfry
  • Beanie with built in knitted beard by taraduff
  • Flower earrings – yey flower power – by Kibble2008 (for pierced ears)
  • Funky kids heart design red tshirt by curlymonkey
  • Adults wool hat [link removed] by grannysknits – pretty colours
  • Groovalicious textured earrings by simplyadorning

$50 plus

Cat stuff

If there are any artisans’ work that you specially like there is a link to their etsy shop on the same page. I think I have some new favourite shops!
If you need help completing your purchase or want to pay with a credit card without joining Paypal, check out this link

Great charities offering assistance to Haitians:

And for the Adelaide-based, a rock concert [link removed] in a couple of weeks.

I’m gonna hit publish now. See you soon. Take care… let us care for each other the best we can.


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  1. Thank-you so much for bringing attention to this shop and its efforts for Haiti Relief. It is running on 100% volunteer love, and the wonderful generosity of sellers & buyers.
    It really warms my heart to see so many caring people join together to make a difference.

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