Sunday sunflowers, shirts and free shipping :)

Greetings and good day to you, fair and bold souls x o

Whilst we are enjoying alliteration (see blog title) and waiting for my offering to be uploaded to the etsy ‘Heart for Haiti’ shop…. here are some visuals from post-Farmers Market painting and drawing last Sunday afternoon… and I even made a couple into tshirts!

‘Twas a meandering kind of afternoon and I had purchased lovely sunflowers from the Farmers Market. J’adore the Farmers Market – had you noticed? I was also thinking about tshirt design. That doesn’t seem such a natural mix now I write it down, though it made sense at the time. First, a photo of the flowers (you can see a bit of my Board of Inspiration in the background):


First painting of the day. We would paint with this craypas-and-paint technique at the Ruth Tuck Art School – some may remember the name, that of my mentor, the well-known Adelaidean watercolour painter and teacher.


I experimented with ink drawing with a stick – might paint colour on this one yet.


Next my thoughts about circular emblems as tshirt designs led to this roundy round sunflower. There are (planned) unprinted areas within this design; so the colour of the shirt shows, which also allows the tshirt to breathe better.


Do you think this makes a good tshirt design? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Facebook, or simply buy a tshirt! I think the sunflower colours are just right with a blue background, and you can experiment with different colour shirts at that page. What colour shirt do you like it on? It looks kind of sunshiny on the golden yellow shirt, too.

Keep reading, I have ‘free shipping’ news…


Finally, I got carried away with the juiciest, most watery watermelon ever – from the Farmers Market of course! I cubed some and arranged it on my great old Op Shop china plates, and thought about Paul Klee and his art, and building up pictures with handdrawn geometric shapes. The watermelon, too, was in small, red, geometric shapes. Currently I have a big (watermelon) crush on the colour of watermelon! Here’s the original painting:


And here’s the Watermelon Abstract tshirt design. It works better for the shirt with just one plate circle around the edges, more abstract and kind of cooler, I think, somehow.


Great News! Remember in the title of this I mentioned ‘free shipping’? I just found out that an order of 3 tshirts entitles you to FREE SHIPPING! Go for it – I will be! Remember the ‘girly tshirt’ sizes are about 3 sizes smaller than the regular cut shirts.

So we wait for the Haiti/etsy thing to happen. I will keep an eye on it and let you know. Also I have looked through the 35 pages of items and selected a dozen or so favourites for you. Then we can all linky linky linky and get it known to as many people as we can.

Lots of everything lovely to you,
Meg xo

All artwork copyright remains with me.

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