Live Bold List 12: Collected wisdom

Hello wonderful Dearhearts,

Work in progress: Hooray! Here’s a shot of the partly-carved lino for my next print. You can see it will have little squares making up the border, and some leafy goodness.

work in progress - ptl

In between the doing of the carving (and the running of the errands!) I have been gathering little goodies for you from the internet. I must be in a phase of needing / enjoying life lessons this week, as that seems to be the theme. This could probably even come under the category of Live Bold List! (spoken in a resonating, deep manner + echo… echo….) Ta-daaaaa…. The first Live Bold List of 2010!

Live Bold List 12 : Collected wisdom

  1. Wisdom from an 11-year old at All I Did was Listen blog. It’s short; I thought you might like the picture there too. Ummm….
  2. An astute and lively list from the lovely Meg Fowler, listing some of the life lessons she has learned from Gradon. How awesome: “Music is a vitamin.”
  3. There’s food for thought in Jonathan Fields’ 8 Timeless Rules for my (his) 8-year old daughter. I specially liked numbers one and two: 1. Never get a tattoo you can’t see, and 2. Never get a tattoo you can see!
  4. One of my favourite comedians is now blogging. Meshel Laurie says she started blogging because she can’t get a paid column… Her cheery signoff: “…I’ve decided to blog as no one can stop me and if I’m not going to get paid, I don’t expect to have to follow any rules either. Let’s go bitches.”

I enjoyed the comment made at the market last weekend, looking at my cards and choosing. I think this one… with it’s “generalized butterfly goodness”.


Have a great Friday, Lovelies; with plenty of Generalized Lifey Goodness!
Meg =)


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